12 Tips For Growing Beautiful Peonies in Pots or Containers

12 Tips For Growing Beautiful Peonies in Pots or Containers

Peonies are available in many varieties, some of which can be herbaceous and others that grow as trees. They all share one thing: large colorful flowers with stems up to 12 inches across!’

When peonies flower, it’s an explosion of color and scent. The herbaceous type are smaller than the tree kind with flowers that grow to be about 4 feet tall; while their cousin species can easily reach 6′ in height!

15 Tips For Growing Beautiful Peonies in Pots or Containers
These beautiful plants do best when grown indoors or outdoors depending on your zone – 3 through 9 USDA hardiness zones are usually the best choice.

In Mediterranean climates, select early-blooming peony varieties to enjoy the flowers for as long a possible. Some attractive choices include “Charlie’s White,” “Marietta Sisson,” Xuan Li Duo Cai and Rosedale.”

   Choosing a container
Peonies are one of the more difficult plants to grow because they have such large root systems, so it’s important not only for their health but also how well you’ll be able to move them around in your garden. For this reason I recommend using pots that have many drainage holes on bottom!

How To Plant & Grow Peonies in Containers
In order to keep your peonies healthy, it is important that they have enough room. Young nursery-sized plants should be planted no less than 1 1/2 feet into soil and larger varieties require a container at least 18″ wide with ample depth (for their height). Larger old types need more space–18″-24 inch diameter pots are recommended for them if growing in containers.

How to Plant Peonies in Pots
It’s time to give your peony plants a major makeover! Peonies are one of the most delicate flowers in existence. The soil they need to grow is specific and can’t just be any old potting mix.

We recommend filling the container with topsoil and perlite (65% top soil, and 35% perlite).

Light Requirements
Place the container in an area where you can find shade for your potted peonies, but they still get plenty of sunlight. A spot with dappled light is perfect!

How To Grow Peonies In Pots
Watering Requirements
Water your peonies at least once a week if you want them to last. They thrive in the sun and can withstand drought but like all plants they need moisture too.

A little bit goes along way with these flowers – just make sure not to overdo it or let their soil dry out completely before giving them more water again.

If you want your peonies to be vibrant and full of life, it’s important that they are fed in the early spring. Too much fertilizer can burn their roots so don’t use anything higher than 5-10-10. Add more fertilizer again after they are finished blooming for the season.

15 Tips For Growing Beautiful Peonies in Pots or Containers
Where to place your Peonies containers?
First, move the container in a sheltered position in the winter to make sure it won’t freeze.

Container Peonies need to have a winter where the temperature does not go below freezing. In order for them to bloom again in the spring, it’s necessary that these tender flowers experience chilly temperatures!

Hardiness zones 8 should do well, but those from 9 and 10 may never flower if their winters are too mild this time around.

Things You Will Need:
Large, light-colored pot
Casters (optional)
5-10-10 fertilizer
Peonies require large pots to grow well, and the weight can be challenging when planting.

How to Grow Peonies: Your Complete Guide

We recommend using casters with your peony plants in order for them not only look spic-and- span but also make moving around easier!