13 Easy DIY Cucumber Trellis Ideas

13 Easy DIY Cucumber Trellis Ideas

These DIY cucumber trellis ideas are going to show you just how easy it is to grow cucumbers vertically. This is a quick garden project that will take you anywhere from a few minutes to an afternoon to set up. It’s also really budget-friendly, leaving you more money for seeds and plants.
Growing cucumbers on a trellis has so many advantages. The most obvious one is that saves a lot of space since the cucumbers are growing vertically. Watering and harvesting are easier since you don’t have to go and dig in the plant to get the roots or fruit. The cucumbers will also be cleaner since they aren’t growing in the dirt.

   Cattle Panel Cucumber Trellis
This project will take you through the process of preparing a cattle panel to be a cucumber trellis. You’ll find out how to trim the panels, attach them together, and then actually set up your trellis. The two panels create a pyramid shape that will encourage the cucumber vines to trail upwards.

Raised Bed Cucumber Trellis for Under
Just because you’re planting your cucumbers in a raised bed, doesn’t mean that you can’t also have a trellis. These cucumbers grow in a raised bed and then climb up the support system made out of 2×3 boards and twine. It’s a straight-forward trellis that you should have a lot of success with.

Cucumber Trellis from a Wood Ladder
This project goes to show you that you can make a trellis out of anything! Take an old ladder and give it a new coat of paint. This is a great way to add a pop of color to your garden. All you need to do now is train the vines to grow up the steps and rails.

How to Build a Cucumber Trellis
Scrap wood is used to build this pyramid-shaped trellis. It’s such a great-looking trellis that it almost doubles as garden art. Diagrams and exact building instructions are included if you’d like to build one of your own.

PVC Cucumber Trellis
Yes, you can even build a cucumber trellis out of PVC pipes. This inspiring build shows you how to build a beautiful hut-like structure that you can use to grow cucumbers and other plants with vines.

Bamboo Cucumber Trellis
Bamboo plant stakes are used to create the supports for this cucumber trellis. Garden twine is used to hold the bamboo together. Two trellises are made here to create a pyramid shape. It’s a cheap project that you can DIY in just an hour or so.

Inexpensive Cucumber Trellis
This cucumber trellis project starts out with having a look around your yard to find anything you can use to create a trellis, like tree branches, twine, and leftover building materials. This trellis is built with tree branches and twine. It just goes to show you that you can build a trellis out of almost anything.

Easy Trellis for Cucumbers
Pine stakes and twine make up this cucumber trellis that’s very easy to put together, and can be fitted over a raised bed. Once you’re ready to start putting it together, there’s a video available to show you how it’s done.

Arch Trellis for Cucumbers and More
This arch trellis is functional and beautiful to look at. You can make one any size, just right for the size of your garden. Besides a full guide on how to build one out of rebar, there are a lot of tips here for exactly how to get your cucumbers to climb the trellis.

Tee Pee Cucumber Trellis
Bamboo stakes are tied together with twine to form a tee-pee like structure that your cucumbers will love growing on. You don’t have to just grow cucumbers either, this trellis works great for plants like beans, peas, squash, peas, and tomatoes.

T-Post Garden Trellis
Tree branches make up most of this trellis that’s put together with zip ties and some t-posts. It’s a unique trellis that’s going to look great in any garden or yard. Check out the complete instructions on how to build this cucumber trellis.

DIY Cucumber Trellis
Rebar is used to create a trellis for these cucumbers. It’s sat against the back of the garden, giving the vines a place to crawl. Tomatoes and peppers are also included, making it a one-stop shop for produce.

Cattle Panel Trellis
Jami over at An Oregon Cottage, a blog on rural living, has been through trellises made out of both wood and rebar before settling on this cattle panel trellis. Cattle panels are inexpensive and easy to find plus you don’t have to mess with any twine. It can be a little more challenging getting the vines to crawl up this kind of trellis.

Kitchen Garden Cucumber Trellis
There are a lot of cucumber trellis ideas here including this trellis that’s actually made out of repurposed tiki torches. It’s meant to act as a tomato cage, but cucumbers would absolutely love it.

The best cucumber trellis is made from materials that you already have or can acquire without spending too much time or money. A simple and effective cucumber trellis can be made with anything from bamboo and twine to metal or wood lattice.