7 Plants That Will Make Your Cucumbers Thrive + 5 To Never Plant With Cucumbers

7 Plants That Will Make Your Cucumbers Thrive + 5 To Never Plant With Cucumbers

Companion planting can play a significant role in the success of your cucumber plants. Some plants can enhance cucumber growth by deterring pests, improving soil conditions, or providing shade, while others can hinder their growth due to competition or chemical interactions. Here are seven plants that will make your cucumbers thrive and five to avoid planting with cucumbers:

Plants that will make your cucumbers thrive:

Corn: Corn provides natural shade for cucumber plants, protecting them from excessive sunlight and heat. Additionally, cucumber vines can climb the cornstalks, maximizing vertical space in the garden.

Beans: Cucumbers and beans have a mutually beneficial relationship known as “companion planting.” Beans fix nitrogen in the soil, enriching it for cucumbers, which are heavy nitrogen feeders. Cucumbers, in turn, can benefit beans by providing a natural trellis for them to climb.

   Radishes: Planting radishes near cucumbers can help deter cucumber beetles. The pungent odor of radishes repels these pests, protecting your cucumber plants from damage.

Nasturtiums: Nasturtiums act as natural pest repellents, deterring aphids, cucumber beetles, and other harmful insects. They also attract beneficial insects that can help pollinate cucumber flowers.

Dill: Dill and cucumbers are part of the same plant family, and they complement each other well. Dill attracts pollinators and beneficial insects while providing some shade to young cucumber plants.

Marigolds: Marigolds have strong pest-repelling properties, helping to keep pests away from cucumber plants. Their bright colors also attract pollinators, which can benefit the cucumbers.

Sunflowers: Similar to corn, sunflowers provide shade and vertical support for cucumber vines. Additionally, their tall stems attract pollinators, aiding in cucumber fruit development.

Plants to avoid planting with cucumbers:

Potatoes: Cucumbers and potatoes are both susceptible to blight, a fungal disease. Planting them together can increase the chances of spreading the disease between the two crops.

Aromatic herbs: Aromatic herbs like sage and rosemary can inhibit cucumber growth because they produce natural chemicals that can hinder cucumber development.

Melons: Cucumbers and melons are both heavy feeders and can compete for nutrients and space. Planting them too close together may result in stunted growth for both plants.

Pumpkins: While they are from the same family, cucumbers and pumpkins can compete for space and resources. Plant them separately to ensure they both have ample room to grow.

Onions and garlic: These Allium family members can inhibit the growth of cucumber plants. Avoid planting them too close together.

By selecting the right companion plants and avoiding incompatible ones, you can create a more harmonious and productive garden, helping your cucumber plants thrive and produce a bountiful harvest.