Drought-Tolerant Plants That Will Improve Your Home’s Curb Appeal

Drought-Tolerant Plants That Will Improve Your Home’s Curb Appeal

The world is facing a major water crisis today. Most regions around the globe are getting drier and more parched by day, with little available for human survival if we don’t act now – but there’s still hope!

Тhese 23 drought tolerant plants can help us survive even when there’s little or no rain available for crop irrigation!

1. Portulaca

Portulaca is a tough, drought-resistant plant that can survive with no water for long periods. The chunky leaves of this flowering plant are equipped to take on any climate condition and grow well in warm soil conditions too!

2. Wallflower

The Wallflowers are a type of flower that only need to be watered occasionally.

These plants live in warmer regions, and can handle less water than other flowers because they come from cooler climates where it’s not always hot during the summer months.

In fact, since these grow annually their growth rate is faster when grown outside rather than inside your home – perfect for those who love gardening!

3. Jerusalem Artichokes

The Wallflower is a wonderful flower to have in any garden. It’s not too difficult, and can be grown year-round with the proper care! The best thing about this plant? You only need to water it once every week or two days for it to thrive – which means less work for you!

4. Globe Thistle

Globe Thistle is a plant that requires little water. It can tolerate drought conditions well and will flourish perfectly if given the right amount of nutrients or soil moisture, though it does not like wet feet! The flower’s color varies between blue and violets shades which makes them look stunning.

5. Poppy

The poppy is a common flower in survival gardens. It only requires water, sunlight and nutrients to grow – it’s perfect for those who want their garden looking beautiful but don’t have much space!

6. Sorghum

Sorghum is a drought-tolerant plant that can withstand less favorable growing conditions. It makes the perfect choice for anyone looking to build their survival garden and have an abundant harvest of grains from this sturdy survivor in dry times!

7. Gourds

Gourds of all kinds grow well in regions that have less water. These veggies store a lot of moisture and for this reason, they don’t need regular watering!

Grown-on care is minimal as well – just a light misting every now and then should be enough to keep them healthy throughout their lifespan!

8. Lavandula Multifida

Lavandula Multifida is a Mediterranean shrub that can survive with very little water. It features thin stems and violet colored flowers, which appear on the plant in springtime or fall; its foliage is also silver in shade!

9. Lewisia Cotyledon

The evergreen leaves of Lewisia are just what you need to keep your garden green in the midst of a drought.

It can grow well even when other plants refuse, making it one tough plant for those who don’t have much water or sunlight around!

10. Agave

The Agave plant is an amazing survivor. It thrives in the hot and dry climate of Mexico, even though it needs little water to grow into a tall sturdy clump with sharp edged leaves that contains lots of hydration inside!

11. Verbena

The Verbena plant is a beautiful flower that grows in lush grasslands and fields. It can grow as fast or quickly when grown during the dry seasons, but it needs enough water to produce colorful blooms year round.

This type of vegetation thrives at either tropical temperatures (28°C) with high sun exposure or temperate zones.

12. Rock Daisy

The Rock Daisy is considered one of the best plants for survival gardens because it needs very little water and can grow in a variety of conditions. In most rock gardens, this flower will appear due to its easy maintenance routine that makes them beautiful as well!

13. Evening Primrose

The Evening Primrose or Oenothera is a great plant that can enhance the look of your garden in an instant, and also needs very little water. One popular variety of this flower is called Lemon Drop which produces aromatic yellow colored flowers during summertime without necessarily watering them first!

14. Sedums

Sedum is a perfect plant for low water gardens and produces pink flowers in Autumn. It can withstand drought, making it great to have around during summer months when we need our plants most!

15. Rose Campion

Rose Campion is a plant that requires little water and can tolerate droughts. It needs to be watered often during dry spells, but make sure you don’t overdo it or else your rose may droop from lack of hydration!

16. African Daisy

African Daisies or Gerberas have been known to grow in dry areas. They need watering while they’re being planted and can survive with little water for long periods of time, but once their roots are established this does not seem necessary anymore!

17. Black-eyed Susans

The black-eyed susans are a perfect plant for those who have had their gardens face water shortages and long periods without rain. These plants can survive with very little care, as they’re able to withstand dry spells in between wet seasons or other types of droughts that come along from time-to-time.

18. Butterfly Weed

The Butterfly Weed is perfect for your dry landscape or garden. It attracts monarch butterflies and can be easily maintained with little water, making this plant one of the most popular in its genus!

19. Lantana

Lantana is one among the many plants that don’t need water to survive and reproduce well. It has a beautiful flower, which makes it popular with people all over! Lantanas are easily grown in pots or containers–providing you give them just a little care.

20. Euphorbia

The Euphorbia is a plant that can withstand drought and dry soil. It needs little care, as it does not need much water to grow or survive in these conditions.

Almost all varieties of this beautiful flower are able to tolerate a certain amount of water shortage.

21. Dry Beans

Dry Beans make a great addition to your garden if you live in an arid region.

These plants are packed with protein and will flourish no matter what kind of soil conditions exist on your property, so be sure not let the lack of water stop you from planting them!

22. Bougainvillea

The drought-resistant Bougainvillea can be a boon for survival gardens and will surely turn your verdant spot into something that even the dry landscape deserves.

This plant is great at surviving long periods without water, so it’s perfect in an arid setting like yours!

23. Yarrow

This shrub has the ability to withstand long spells of drought, producing ornamental flowers and leafy petals.

It also thrives well with lack of water – making it an excellent plant for your garden!