Drought Tolerant Shade Perennials For Dry Climates

Drought Tolerant Shade Perennials For Dry Climates

Plants that Grow Well in Dry Climates

In choosing plants to grow, there are many options for both shade and dry climates—consider plants that fit into both categories.


Hostas are low-maintenance plants that can adapt to nearly any climate or environment. Hostas come in a wide range of colors, sizes, and textures. The USDA hardiness zones three through nine are good for cultivating hostas.

They recognized these flowers for their adaptability. The Carlton Large Cup Daffodil, Goblet Trumpet Daffodil, and Quail Jonquilla Daffodil are all lovely daffodil varieties for your garden.


Foxgloves are one of the more unusual-looking flowers that can be grown in dry, shady spots. These bell-shaped flowers come in purple, pink, or white and are shaped like bells.

The tendency of lungwort to grow and blossom in full shade and dry soil is well-known. The flowers on these plants come in various colors, including purple, blue, pink, and white.

Bleeding Heart

The bleeding heart blooms have a tail-like feature and have shaped like hearts. They come in various colors, including red, pink, and white, and are excellent for attracting butterflies and birds.

Bleeding hearts thrive in USDA hardiness zones three through nine.


The blooming flowers are small and form little clusters near the tops of the tall stems. These flowers are only available in two colors: pink or white. Between three and nine are the ideal growing zones for these flowers.


Vincas come in various colors, including purple, pink, red, and white, and are popular in flower gardens and hanging baskets.

Coral bells

Coral bells bloom every season. Hummingbirds commonly visited the blooms, making them a wonderful choice for attractant of these birds. Below are some of my personal favorites.

Bigroot Geranium

Most big root geranium flowers are pink. However, they can range in color from pale pink to magenta. The foliage is green during the spring and summer, but it turns crimson or orange in the fall. You’ll need to be in one of the growth zones three through eight to grow huge root geranium.


Ferns are a popular landscaping plant that is reasonably easy to care for. For practically every growing zone, there are a plethora of fern species and variants.


Hellebore flowers, known as Christmas roses, are an excellent choice for a shady spot in a dry climate. White is the most popular color, but cream, yellow, green, red, and purple are all available.