Fast Growing Vegetables For Impatient Gardeners

Fast Growing Vegetables For Impatient Gardeners

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If you have a gap to fill in the garden and want a speedy harvest, why not try one of the veggies below?
Some of these crops are ready to harvest in just a few weeks after harvest.


Spinach is a speedy grower and can be picked in as little as 40 days after germination.

Baby spinach leaves are delicious too, and are at their best when harvested young.

Pick the outer leaves and let the rest of the plant keep growing for repeat harvests.


Everyone knows radishes are one of the quickest-developing crops, so I just had to include them on this list.

Typically you can expect to harvest these roots in 30-40 days after germination.

Pick radishes young, as that is when they are at their best. Harvest them when they are about two cm in diameter (roughly a 10p coin)

Pea Shoots

Pea shoots are one of the most popular microgreens to grow, and you don’t need a fancy indoor setup to do it.

You can grow pea shoots in a seed tray, in a greenhouse in spring or outside once the weather has warmed.

As these are still young seedlings, you will harvest them in two to three weeks.

They taste delicious and are well worth trying.

Another great thing about pea shoots is that once you cut them down, they will shoot back up.

Meaning you can get repeat harvests from one tray of seeds.

Dwarf Green Beans

You can expect to pick your first green beans roughly 6-7 weeks after germination.

And the plant will go on producing beans for a month.

Meaning you will get harvest after harvest from this speedy veg.

Salad Leaves

Loose leaf lettuce can be harvested when the leaves are still young.

In good growing conditions in spring time you could be harvesting some leaves in as little as three weeks.

Remember that these are pick and come again, so don’t take all the leaves.

Pick a few outer leaves, leaving the youngest to grow and develop ready for your next harvest.


Parisian Carrots, with a stubby round root like the image above, can be ready in 50 days or less from germination.

While this isn’t the quickest on this list, it is speedy for a carrot.

It also helps that Parisian carrots have a gorgeous sweet flavour and can be hard to find in the shops, another great reason to grow your own.


With a name like rocket, you’d expect this to be one quick grower. And it doesn’t disappoint.

Rocket can be ready to harvest in roughly 30 days after germination or four weeks, to put it another way.

That means is possible to germinate and harvest rocket within a single month. Now that is speedy!