Four ways banana peels can help your plants

Four ways banana peels can help your plants

1.As a Spray-On Fertilizer
You can grow your plants without the use of harmful chemical fertilizers. All you need to do is cut up a banana peel and bury it in the soil under your plant, where it will act as an organic fertilizer that decomposes quickly providing essential nutrients for healthy growth.

2. Brew a Compost Tea
Compost is essential for growing healthy plants, but if you don’t have a compost pile it’s okay. You can use banana peels to make your own! Soak the peel in water and wait three days before using as fertilizer. The liquid will be nutrient rich with minerals that promote growth of vegetables and flowers alike!

3. Encourage Blooming in Plants
Without potassium, plants would never grow or bloom. Without it they cannot absorb nutrients and water from the soil to their cells; not only that but without enough resistance against diseases these are detrimental for any plant’s health.

4. Fortify Your Soil
Banana peels are a great choice to make your garden soil healthier. Simply plant some banana peelers in the ground and they will decompose over time, releasing vital nutrients such as iron, calcium, potassium, and phosphorus into the soil which makes it more fertile for plants to grow healthy roots.

5. Make a Fruit Fly Trap
They are perfect for getting rid of flies in a non-toxic way. All it takes is that you cut some banana peels, put them in a container and add some apple cider vinegar. Take the container and place it in your garden. This solution will attract fruits flies and will kill them.

6. Aphid Control
Gardeners, rejoice! It’s time to up your game with some banana peels. That’s right, the modern day gardener has long been using these for mulch and fertilization purposes but now they have a new use- repelling pests from plants that may be infected by aphids. Experts believe this is because Aphid are scared of bananas so when you place them on an infested plant in their vicinity they will flee like the plague before it spreads any further.

7. Add to Compost
Banana peels are wonderful for composting because they quickly breakdown into a rich fertilizer. When chopping up banana peels, one must be careful to keep them away from animals like raccoons and skunks who love their sweet taste! The potassium in bananas is perfect for fertilizing garden plants as it provides the necessary nutrients such as phosphorus that help make plant grow lush green leaves with no need of synthetic chemicals. Banana peel use can include mixing your compost pile which will enrich your soil or adding the chopped pieces on top of potted plants so you have an easy way to add organic material without disturbing roots.

8. Attract Butterflies and Birds
In order to spice up your garden, you can use banana peels for this purpose. This idea is one of the most creative ways that people have used bananas in their gardens before! All you need to do is put a few banana peels on any raised platform and these will attract butterflies, birds, wasps, bees or caterpillars. Place it higher than your plants so as not to get into contact with them but make sure remove it by sunset otherwise some pesky critters may come along looking for an easy meal too!

9. Fertilizer Air Plants
The banana peels, so often a forgotten throwaway in the kitchen, can be an effective fertilizer for Epiphytic perennials such as Staghorn ferns and Elk Horn. These plants cannot form roots but thanks to their ability to absorb nutrients from rainwater or other sources of water that they are exposed too; bananas provide enough nutrients for these epiphytes- which is why many gardeners spray compost on them before planting.

10. Feed Your Plants Banana Vinegar
One of the most underrated uses for banana peels is to make vegan-friendly, organic fertilizer. Acid loving plants such as gardenias and azaleas love it! It’s a great way to ameliorate acidity in soil while boosting growth and development speed. This will help you maintain healthy plant life year round without having any harmful effects on your environment or health too – making this one heck of an investment that goes both ways.