indoor plants that eliminate bad odors from your home

indoor plants that eliminate bad odors from your home

Plants help us create the perfect harmony in our home. They promote well-being and family happiness, giving the peace we need to face day to day.

As if this were not enough, plants will not only serve for this since they also have the ability to eliminate bad odors and toxins.

We will tell you about some indoor plants that will help you eliminate bad odors from your environments.

An unpleasant smell can have a negative influence on us, generating irritability, while a pleasant smell will promote inner peace and give the perfect harmony to our home.

The Pothos is a beautiful plant, ideal for decorating any corner of our home. In addition to being very attractive to the naked eye, it is a very beneficial plant, since it eliminates bad odors and has the ability to eliminate chemical and toxic substances such as xylene.

There are several varieties of Pothos, among them the green ones (common Pothos), the variegated ones (Potus eio) and the lemon green ones (Potus lemon) stand out. One more beautiful than another!

This plant is ideal since it is very easy to care for, it will grow quickly and adorn our home. We just have to keep in mind that it should be located in a place where it receives light but is not directly from the sun, so it is usually seen next to a window.

It needs an environment between 15 and 30 degrees to develop and should be watered only when the surface of the land feels dry.


Although many do not believe it, the Chrysanthemum is a plant capable of eliminating air pollution. It also has beautiful flowers that will adorn any corner where we place it.

It is a plant that is not at all demanding in terms of care. It needs a lot of light, but not directly from the sun and its ideal temperature is between 18 and 25 degrees.

Unlike other plants, Chrysanthemums need a lot of water, especially in the hottest months. So always, we must ensure that the soil remains moist.

There is a wide range of white, pink, red, yellow, purple, orange and even variegated colors.

3-Mother-in-law’s tongue

This is a plant that will eliminate any unpleasant odors and toxic substances found inside the home. They can easily decorate any corner, reaching up to half a meter in height.

It is very easy to care for, it only needs a well-lit environment and a temperature of 15 to 25 degrees to grow and develop properly.

As for watering, we must be careful, since it will not tolerate excess moisture at all. We will water moderately, only when the soil feels dry.

4-Water Stick

This plant, also known as Brazilwood, is a strong and very resistant plant, ideal for removing bad odors and other substances found in the air. Especially those chemical substances that have pungent odors, such as varnishes and thinners.

It has a beautiful trunk from which elongated green leaves with a delicate greenish-yellow stripe emerge, this makes it very striking and showy. If we take good care of it, this plant will give us beautiful white flowers that will perfume the whole house.

Its ideal temperature will be about 20 degrees and it should be watered twice a week. The substrate for this plant must be aerated and drain well, since it does not tolerate waterlogging. It needs a well-lit environment, but not direct sunlight.


The Azalea is not only a plant that will help eliminate bad odors in your home, it will also beautify every corner where it is.

It is a plant that grows in the form of a bush and has wonderful flowers that will brighten the environments of any place where it is.

It needs a lot of light but not direct sunlight, since its leaves and flowers are very prone to sunburn. The ideal temperature for this plant will be about 10 to 20 degrees.

Irrigation must be frequent so that moisture is always maintained in the substrate, but it must be well aerated so that it drains well and does not puddle.


The Gerbera is a plant that will be able to neutralize any bad smell that exists in your home. In addition to having beautiful flowers, it will be a good option when choosing a plant to decorate our environments.

This beautiful plant likes a lot of light and you will notice it, since when you put it near a window, it will grow more than beautiful.

It is a plant that needs a lot of moisture, so we recommend that the soil be kept moist. At the same time, we also recommend that we keep it as far as possible in an environment away from any heating system, since this dries up the humidity in the environments.

It needs an aerated substrate that drains well and we should fertilize it so that its flowering is optimal. It really is a beautiful plant!

7-Lazo of love

This is a plant that significantly reduces environmental pollution, the good thing is that it is also very easy to care for.

We will quickly be able to have little children from it, since the same plant gives off small plants through some rods that will be very easy to grow.

The ideal temperature for this plant is between 20 and 30 degrees and it needs watering once a week. It does not tolerate waterlogging, so we advise you to only water when necessary.

It should be placed in a place where it does not receive direct sunlight, even in a semi-lit environment, it will grow beautifully and its leaves will look even brighter.