Ways To Use Eggshells Instead Of Throwing Them

Ways To Use Eggshells Instead Of Throwing Them

Egg shells are one of the most nutritious foods in this world, and if you add them to your garden they will provide nutrients that pass from plant roots into its leaves. The benefits don’t stop there though – Eggshells can also help control acidity levels for a sweeter harvest!

Here are 15 ways you can use eggshells in your garden:

15 Ways For Using Eggshells In The Garden

1. Natural Fertilizer
Using eggshell fertilizer is a great way to give your plants the calcium they need. If you want, though, don’t use up all of those shells—you can clean them and store for later!

2. Seed Starter Pots
To make a starter pot for your plants, don’t break the eggshells! Just make a hole in the bottom of each and place them on top of some cardboard. Then fill with soil until they are about 2 inches deep before planting seeds or transplanting young seedlings.

3. Pest Control
The sharp shells of these snail-friendly plants will deter pests like snails, slugs and other garden immortals. Not only that; the barriers they provide help to keep you safe from insect infestation!

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4. Bird Food
Birds can benefit a lot from eggshells. Crush your old, dry shells to bits and put them in the bird feeder! Place it near your garden so birds will come for these treats easily!

5. Used In Mulching
Eggshells are a great way to improve your soil! They will help deter weeds and fertilize plants.

6. Repel Deer
Deer are amazing, but they can make a huge mess out of your garden if they come near it! The good thing is that deer hate the smell eggs.

So, place some eggshells around those plants deer like to snack on and you will scare them away for sure!

7. Garden Decoration
If you’re feeling bored, then why not use your eggs as an opportunity for creativity? You can paint them or draw pictures on the shells.

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Create something that is both artistic and functional- maybe just one decoration in each room! Or take this DIY idea even further by making elaborate surprises to hang around at home!

8. Add To Chives
The calcium in eggshells will make your chives grow healthier! To do this, drop a handful of the crushed shells onto their roots.

9. Prevent End Rot For Tomatoes
When growing tomatoes, adding a handful of crushed tomato seeds into the soil can help them grow stronger and healthier. Fertilizing your plants with eggshells is also helpful for fighting off diseases or keeping those critters at bay!

10. Cat Deterrent

If your cat loves visiting the garden, deter them by crushing some eggshells and placing it on places they seem most drawn too!

11. Chicken Feed Supplement
To feed the calcium your chickens need, mix it with birdseed and leave in a feeder. Crush up some eggshells before you put them outside so that they will eat what’s on offer!

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12. Seedlings Germination

To germinate seedlings better and faster, create small holes at the bottom of each eggshell. Then fill it with soil so that when you sow your seeds they are ready. For transplanting, just crack open their shells!

13. Barrier Against Pesky Crawlers
Eggshells can help you deter those pesky crawlers. They’ll hate crawling on the sharp shells so they will for sure avoid your plants!

Encircle all around with eggshells, especially where there have been a lot of insect activity- this includes both inside and outside plantings as well.

14. Used as Herb Planters

Don’t just use your eggshells for seedlings but also herbs and other small plants. Paint the shells to create an even more beautiful planter!

15. Add In Compost

Eggshells are one of the best materials for making your own compost. They allow easy breaking down, and their calcium content helps make soil even healthier!